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What do you need to know to sell gold or silver?

Look around before you take the leap: One of the most basic things you need to do is to contact your local pawn store or jeweler. Take your gold to a reputed local store and get them to value your product. This way, you will at least have a decent idea of the base price you could get before you try to venture online bidding sites or other offers. For any instance, do not ever worry that you are exploring your local business for your own good. Those people are in business to provide you with an estimate, and its their job to give it to your for free.

What can you sell at an antique pawn shop?

To answer this question, first you need to understand what antique means. According to the United States Government, the term "antique" is reserved for valuables that are over a century old. This includes pieces of jewelry, and the standard usage is commonly adhered to by most serious collectors and pawn shops. Of course, this definition does mean that more and more existing pieces of jewelry will become antiques as time goes on. Buy a vintage item today, and in a few years, it just might have become an antique if it survives the interim period in good condition. Vintage jewelry is younger than 100 years old but usually older than 50, and it's considered to still be recent enough to be in style even if it is a bit outmoded. With the right classic outfits, vintage jewelry items can make definite throwback fashion statements or add some higher class flair to a more contemporary look. Antique jewelry, on the other hand, is often so valuable that it's rarely worn or displayed.


So the answer to the original question would be that any item that is an antique and is valuable, can be sold at an antique pawn store. Also, antique pawn stores dont just deal with antique items. They are know as antique pawn shops because they have the expertise to deal with antique products. But they also work as a regular pawn shop where you can do an pawn a regular valuable item.

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